Festival T-shirt

tee atddark

This year we bring you a really special edition festival t-shirt.

Designed by Niningka Lewis, an aboriginal artist from Central Australia, our festival t-shirt is a collaboration with Ernabella Arts – Australia’s oldest indigenous Arts Centre that have been doing so many good and beautiful art over the years. What an honour to have them illustrate our two dragons for the festival!

The t-shirts will only be available at our festival events or online via email or our crowd funding gig.


Ceramic Master Classes

If you are looking to expand and explore the area of ceramics in a serious way, do check out our list of Master classes available here. If interested, please email us to RSVP as tickets are limited!


Janet DeBoos:
Understanding and formulating glazes  (15 seats Max)

Vipoo Srivilasa:
Porcelain sculptures  (10 seats Max)

Lee Middleman:
Surface decorations on clay  (10 seats Max)

Ian Jones:
Wabi Sabi & Wood firing  (10 seats Max)

Moraig McKenna:
Salt firing & throwing big works (10 seats Max)

Pim Sudhikam: Slip Casting  (20 seats Max)

Awaken the Dragon 2014

Hello Friends!

It is just months away from Awaken the Dragon 2014. We do need more help from the community to awaken this dragon! Tihs year we are going to fire up Thow Kwang Dragon kiln – but we will need the community to help us with that. So do help us spread the word! We are open to giving Awaken the dragon workshops from now all through till end of October.

Here is a poster that you could help us spread around.

dragon workshop poster ATM

Search for your Dragon piece!

We bring good news!

The workshops for 2014’s Awaken the Dragon show have started! So we are awakening this blog again. The Dragon is waking up!

We are still returning your works from 2013 Awaken the Dragon…  Please contact us if you got any queries.

My work is here!

My work is here!