About Awaken the Dragon

Awaken the Dragon is a community art project surrounding the last two remaining Dragon Kilns in Singapore. The project aims to invite 3000 members of the public to be participate in making a collective sculpture made from clay and fired in the Dragon Kiln.

The project uses the ‘Dragon’ as a metaphor to engage the public in a participatory process. Using the last few surviving Dragon Kilns, the project offers the public the unique opportunity to use and experience an important part of our heritage.

Awaken the Dragon will be executed in three phases.

The first part will be sculpture and educational workshops held in various venues around Singapore. About 3,000 members of the public will make 3,000 small clay works during these workshops.

The second phase will be 3-day festival in January 2013 where the 3,000 clay pieces will be fired in the Dragon Kiln. The 3-Day festival will be a public event, showing the master artists engaging in a 72 hour process of firing the Dragon Kiln while supported by performances, talks, workshops and food.

The third phase of the project will be Awaken the Dragon exhibition at various venues in Singapore. It will feature the completed sculpture which is made up of 3,000 pieces of clay works and documentation of the project.

Awaken the Dragon is by Michelle Lim and Post-Museum.


12 thoughts on “About Awaken the Dragon

  1. We are a pre-school. Can we organize the workshop for our parents and children and teachers? What is the cost? Date? Location? How many people? Please call me at 9799-9299. Mr Lai. Thanks.

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  3. So excited, awaiting my item to be fired… so honoured to be apart of a landmark event. May we Awaken the Dragon and have him respond with joy.

  4. Hi. My kids took part in a clay workshop organised at one of the libraries. Thank you for providing them with this unqiue experience. How do I know if their works have been fired successfully and where can I find more details about the exhibition?

    • Hi there! Glad your kids enjoyed themselves. We will be having an exhibition of all the works made in the National Museum of Singapore from the 10th – 24th of March 2013. After exhibition, we will be contacting the groups on the delivery of works.

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  7. Hi, I’m from a preschool. My school would like to organise a dragon exhibition/workshop for our parents and children. Please email to me asap as I would like to get more details from you.Thank you.

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