The Dragons live on!

Great news everyone! It has been a week since the press conference and official announcement of the lease renewal of the two last remaining dragon kilns in Singapore to be extended for another 9 years! So, if you haven’t heard the good news… here it is!

Both Guan Huat – longest – and Thow Kwang – the oldest – Dragon Kilns are safe for another 9 years. This move to renew the lease has been championed by the National Heritage Board.

To every individual – who made a pot, shared a story, volunteered to clean/count, carried a brick, passed on the message or gave in some way or other – this good news is for you to share and take pride in too. What a great National Day present to us all.

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The Awaken the Dragon Team is now close to returning everyone’s works and are starting to plan for next years Awaken the Dragon Festival. Next year, in celebration of this good news, we are going to fire up both dragons! Tune in for more details later in the year.

For more writings on the renewal please read:


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