National Ceramics Forum


On the 15th February, was when we held our first event of the festival week – the national ceramics forum, at the National Museum of Singapore.  The National Museum allowed us the use of their gallery that was featuring the Kuo Pao Kun’s exhibition.

Photo2264There was an estimated number of 120 participants in the forum that evening. A great and encouraging number despite the timing being right after work and just before dinner; 7pm to 9pm.


Our panelists of the forum that evening consists of:
Jason Lim
Madhvi Subramaniam
Jessie Lim
Moraig Mckenna
Chua Ai Liang
Janet DeBoos
Michelle Lim (me)


Our dear and kind moderator, was Yan Ling, who is also one of our volunteers! Ah, if not for her who knows how long the forum would have gone for. We were all so hungry by the end of the forum, and still so much that had yet to be discussed.

We started out with allowing each panelist to interpret the forum’s theme:‘Carving out a Space – Ceramics as Art’.


With only 2 hours to spare our dear artists had to hurriedly go through their works and explanation of the title.. even I got a bit lost and disoriented when looking at the time. Later in the forum discussion, we were posed some questions regarding art, ceramics and its education. I think Janet DeBoos ended that question off most thoughtfully – and threw it back to us to reconsider what and how art is going to be placed as education currently goes through evolution of a capitalistic/business-centric kind. Does art or craft have place in this new educational system? Perhaps not, and if so where and how is it taking form – because it is already happening. She was simply asking us to observe.

427991_10151243525681989_618013005_nTowards the end, there wasn’t much time left for us to soak in the Q&A as much as we had intended for, unfortunately…. There were quite a few interesting questions that would have been best discussed in a space with a bigger time frame but I suppose there is always a next time, and it will be better!


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