Just a week away!

Its not really new year in this part of the world.. not until the dragon awakens at least. But we are almost there!

Can’t believe we made it this far.. we have gone beyond our target of 3000 clay works and participants! The packing of the dragon kiln began 3 weeks ago, and now we are closing to the last bit of the kiln. This of course is only made possible because of our tireless volunteers and team.

430892_463859150318445_1218515866_n 521814_468087426562284_275062629_n  58612_470182143019479_1894819310_n 150963_10100208539377824_961156983_n

Oh and yes! We were featured in the Business Times papers (below an article written by the delightful BT editor Sharon Cheah), as well as the radio on 938Live(with the wonderful Shireen Abdullah).

Now, we are just waiting for all the pieces to come together. The community, with art, music, beer, food and (new) friends!


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