The Awaken the Dragon festival is starting to take an energy of its own, and what a beautiful energy it is. The dragon is slowly rising out of the ground, out of the ashes.. and its starting to rumble and roar.

Why do I say that? Because ‘Dragon’ in our festival was also used as a metaphor to represent the community.. and the real awakening is happening in the community. We are so heartened to see/hear all the individuals that are stepping out to volunteer their services and all that they have to give a hand to our festival!


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the people from DP Architects who have sponsored 100 over under privileged that will now have the chance to make a piece of history and art in our festival.


– Dragon workshop with 100 Architects/Engineers from DP Architects (Singapore’s largest Architecture firm, who has donated to our cause) –

Generosity is not only seen in big corporations, but also the individuals such as a particular lady by the name of Lynn, who has been assisting us in spreading the word to special friends and doing the sign-language for participants who are hearing impaired.

Image– Ms Lynn Tan doing sign-language with Mr Loh doing the demonstration for a workshop in Toa Payoh West CC-

With all this energy from different individual and their friends, how can we feel anything but energized to move forward! 🙂 Remember, do contact us if you would like to help us in any way! Any kind of help is welcomed! We need volunteers to assist with the cleaning, the packing, the firing and other stuff like painting the walls of our galleries! So do lend a hand if you can! 🙂


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