Collecting your Dragon art work 2014

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Dear friends, we have been trying to stage a few public events which you can collect your work.

At this point, we still have some works. For the indviduals or groups that still have not received your works.

Please contact us with your dragon number.

We can then inform you if your work survived the firing and how to collect them.

Our contact is below: /

Mobile: 9451 8904 (Woon Tien Wei)
+6592714718 (Michelle Lim)

Woon Tien Wei


Schedule of festival activities

Bring your family and friends down to the jungles of Jalan Bahar. There will be local food fair, farmers market and craft bazaars that will stretch from one dragon to the other. Foodie highlights such as PizzaX, Bettr Barista, Popoganda, De Burg, Singapore Satay man, Augustine Ashley’s delectable desserts… etc!

p.s. The potters at Guan Huat dragon kiln will be selling their plates with every slice of cake! 😉

X 2 Schedule

Packing the dragon!

10304438_10152347966061986_1043031570616242155_nHi All! We are just one week away from the festival, firing, workshops, bazaars, concert and much much more. But first we are packing the dragon kiln with all your works! If you would like to help in anyway, email us at We made lots of friends this past weekend while packing the dragon 🙂 Thank you, volunteers!